Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random simple thoughts

I've spent the week making good on my promise to look at new used cars. I would really like to get a hybrid, but they hold their value too well. (Euphemism alert: they're too fireplacin' expensive.) So I found a list of the ten vehicles with the highest fuel efficiency and am extrapolating to cars of the 2000-ish vintage.

Frankly, car shopping isn't nearly as interesting to me as daydreaming about planting some apples and blueberries next year. Or reading blogs for that matter. Two about food: Chews Wise and The Ethicurean, both short and sweet, à la

Probably this blog would be more entertaining if I had photos of this pilgrim's progress, but I don't have a digital camera. How's that for simple?


Scrivener said...

The night before last, I dreamt that I went car shopping and got a new car, but then when I was driving it home I suddenly realized that it didn't get any better mileage than my current car and I was all upset. How's that for a lame dream?

The Simpleton said...

Aw, Scrivener, you're too hard on your unconscious. Clearly your dream is about the difference between a career in astronautics and a career in the academy. Obviously, you really need to be driving a fish.

Scrivener said...

You mean Stanley?