Friday, July 6, 2007

Update for Carbon-Based Life Forms

My hot water heater gave up the ghost on July Fourth, which inconveniently forced my hand to get a tankless model today. Some women will do almost anything for a shower. But it works, and works well, and hopefully I will get something like the advertised energy savings over its life.

If all goes well over the next few days I will soon be driving not an aging Subaru but an ancient 40 mpg Metro. Car notwithstanding, Progeny and I plan to stay in Subarubia rather than moving to the Polis.

Finally, I am grieving many things these days, but the most recent, and the most raw, is this. Your prayers are appreciated.


frog said...

That's awful news.

Shehun said...

Indeed; especially since you've been working so hard on this issue and ... well, it just ain't right.

(and btw--tag, you're it. Read my tag at